Cities banned from regulating firearm attachments, required to provide armed security under gun bill advanced by Iowa House panel


Iowa cities and counties would not be allowed to regulate firearm attachments and would be required to provide screening and armed security at government buildings where firearms are prohibited under a bill advanced by an Iowa House subcommittee Monday.

Opponents said the requirement to provide armed security and screenings could be a costly hurdle for smaller localities. Others said the legislation is a blow to local control.

"I think most people have more confidence in their board of supervisors or their city council than they do the state Legislature," Scott Peterson, interim executive director of Iowans for Gun Safety, said. "And it's consistent and ongoing. Increasing usurpation of local control is a concern for us, as well, in terms of keeping local communities safe."

If it became law, Iowa would prohibit political subdivisions from banning or regulating not only firearm attachments, but also from regulating the storage of weapons or ammunition, as well banning “other weapons,” a term that is not defined in the bill.

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